Good Morning Everyone,

Well sadly I can’t rave about the sun on the sea this morning as it is raining ! but the sea still looks dramatic, as I look out of the window from our house where we have our self-catering cottages here in Amroth and we did need some rain, as the ground had become so dry, after the wonderful warm sunny days that we have had.

On Monday morning we left the mist here in Amroth and drove up to the National Botanic Gardens, just the other side of Carmarthen.  The weather was lovely and bright and we had a wonderful tour and talk about the garden, and its development since it opened 10 years ago.  Mike, my husband, and I  have been there a few times but we thought it looked better than ever on this visit. The plants have now all matured so much and everything was bursting into life with some wonderful cherry blossom. I also suggest everyone takes the little free train that takes you a tour round the lakes, the driver gave us some great information. We  learned a bit of the history of the first owners of the estate one being Middleton, who introduced the drinking system into London, the basis of which still remains today.  Another owner was Paxton, who introduced the first gas lights into London.  The Head gardener in the double walled garden gives a short talk every day about the plants in this area and he is well worth listening to. It was a fascinating day and I will recommend all our guests to go.

This weekend sees lots of events in Pembrokeshire and around Amroth.  On Sunday there is an Owl Prowl day at Colby Woodland Gardens, the National Trust property in the valley below Amroth Cottages.  Maria from Tinkers Hill, the Bird of Prey and Swan Sanctuary in Amroth will be there with her tame Barn Owl and Glantawe Hawking will be there with some of their owls and hawks.  It should be a great day for anyone in the area as there will be activities for children, information and you can also walk round the wonderful gardens.

Carew Castle has an Archery Event on Monday, there is an organised short (3mile) walk around the disused Iron Works in Stepaside, Amroth for anyone interested in the rich history of the area and there is a Welsh Food Festival at the National Botanic Gardens also on Monday.  The latter I went to last year and it was fantastic.

Some of our guests went to Skomer Island this week and saw hundreds of Puffins.  They came back with some wonderful photos.  This is a wonderful island to visit.  I have been there a couple of times and for nature and birds lovers it is a must to visit.

News from the Farm

Well the warm weather followed by gentle rain has made everything spring into life.  There is masses of Blackthorn blossom this year so there will be plenty of Sloes but there is very little damson blossom, so they may be in short supply .  The primroses and violets are still filling the banks in the lanes and our garden, here at Amroth Cottages and this week the bluebells have started to come out in the lane leading down to our self-catering cottages.

Annie and Jim, the ponies, now are restricted to just the 2 small fields as the grass will be too rich for them and the other fields are now shut off to grow our hay.  The 2 remaining hens occasionally lay me an egg, the Jacob sheep will be shorn before long and Dick and Harry, the goats still amuse everyone with their antics.  Harry still has a problem with his foot but hopefully it is on the mend.  Charlie, Boots, Bodmin and Hannah, the cats all enjoy the attention from our guests, although Hannah spends the majority of her time in the woods.

We have just looked after my nephew’s retriever, Twiggy, while they were on holiday.  What a wonderful dog she is and so like our beloved Wilson when he was young.  When she went back home I seemed to miss Wilson even more, hence I was looking at the Retriever Rescue site again!!!!  But no dog yet.

The garden has been looking good but with the rain I guess the snails will appear.  Much to my surprise several plants have survived the winter in my little greenhouse, but as it isn’t heated I have lost a few of them.  I will start work on the veg. plot next week and hopefully have some produce later in the year.

Well, I guess I may be stuck doing indoor jobs for part of today so hopefully I can get a bit straight with paper work and having recently been on a course regarding Social media I may try to get Amroth Cottages onto Facebook ,tumblr and twitter.  Will keep you posted but don’t hold your breath!!!!!!

Have a good weekend everyone


Ann (Amroth Cottages)