Hello to Everyone from our snowy self catering cottages on the coast in Pembrokeshire.

Happy New Year. Well what a start!! The swim on January 1st from the beach in Amroth was a great occasion with several brave and hardy people taking part. Locals and visitors alike, some dressed in Elvis Presley costumes, ran over the sands, as the tide was out, to plunge into the icy water. It was a glorious sunny day and everyone seemed to have a great time. Mind you I wasn’t tempted as they looked so cold when they walked back up the beach. But it was a tremendous effort and a lot of money was raised for various charities.

It was the next day when the snow started to fall here and since then we have been pretty frozen up along with the rest of the country. However, it really is so beautiful looking out over the white fields from our self catering cottages to the sea, with the sun twinkling on the water and walking in Colby woods, the National Trust property next to our farm is magical. It is a shame in our busy lives that we don’t have more time to just enjoy the natural beauty around us but I know when everyone is battling with trying to get to work, get the children to school and all the other every day chores taking time out to just look can a luxury. I remember when we lived in Somerset on the Blackdown Hills and had a business in Taunton, travelling in bad weather was a nightmare for me, so I appreciate how many of you feel. However, those times are now over, and if  the roads are bad I either don’t go out or walk to the local Farm shop at Summerhill for essentials.

Some of our grandchildren live in Newcastle and of course they have had abundant snow. To begin with our daughter said they had a wonderful time playing in it, but now they are not bothered about being outside which is, I suppose, how children living in snowy countries feel.

News from the Farm

We have a wonderful variety of birds coming into the garden. Yesterday afternoon there were a pair of Lapwings on the big lawn in front of Granary Cottage and then a Sandpiper or Curlew with an enormous beak, was drilling down into the lawn. This morning there was a Redwing on the other lawn near Stables Cottage and we have more Mistle Thrushes this year than I have seen here in the past. Of course the huge variety of  Tits and Finches that we get, are enjoying the fat balls and seed and peanut caddies that we have hanging from the trees.

Well the animals are all keeping well, I am pleased to say. Jim, our little Welsh Mountain pony, has a new red winter coat and looks very smart in the field. He and Annie, our other pony, are both at this moment out in the field and I have been watching them this morning scrapping the snow away with their hooves to get to the grass. They do eat a lot more hay and haylage this weather, of course, as do the sheep and Dick and Harry, the goats. The ice on the troughs and water buckets is so thick in the morning and despite breaking it at 7.30 this morning it was iced over again at 10a.m., so I keep popping out to make sure all is O.K.

Charlie, our cat , who lives in the hay barn seems quite happy outside and despite Mike trying to bring him into the house several times, he is always so anxious to get out. Not like Bodmin, Boots and Hannah, who seems happy to stay holed up inside by the radiators.

Wilson, our dear old retriever, is struggling on the snow  as his legs keep giving way and then it is hard for him to get up on the ice. Such a shame as he used to love the snow and would chase snowballs and leap in the air to catch them and then roll in the snow with glee. Such wonderful memories. Still he is quite happy at the moment watching Mike paint in one of the cottages.

Well I must get back to my spring cleaning. My aim is to get all the cottages finished before our first guests of 2010 arrive on 15th January, so no time to waste!!!

Have a good day everyone and spring will soon be here. The snow can’t last forever!


Ann (Amroth Cottages)