Happy New Year everyone,

Well what a stormy start to the New Year and a very wet end to 2015.  I walked down the hill from our self-catering  cottages, in Amroth, to watch, undeterred by the awful conditions, dippers celebrating New Year’s day by going in the sea opposite the Amroth Arms and I must congratulate our guests from Amroth Cottages, who walked down the hill and bravely took to the water with the locals and then back into the pub for a pint and a hot pork roll!!  Much needed I am sure. Well done to everyone.

New Year's Day swim Amroth Pembrokeshire3RSFun at Amroth New Year's Day swim PembrokeshireRS

Elsewhere along the coast in Saundersfoot, 4 miles away, another big swim was taking place and over 1000 people took part in this big event. In fact there were numerous swims on various beaches giving lots of fun to many participants and viewers. Pembrokeshire is such a lively place for visitors to see in the New Year and our guests at Amroth Cottages, Furzewood farm always have a great time

The weather has been very wet since the start of the year but we have been spared the floods in Amroth and not had any very cold weather yet.  In fact while walking Asti, our wonderful rescue dog, this morning, I saw the first daffodil out in the National Trust’s Colby Woodland Garden , which is just down the hill from our cottages. A great place to walk any time of year, with or without a dog!

1st Daffodil Colby Woodland gardens PembrokeshireRS

I have managed to get a few dry early morning walks on Amroth beach and the views along the sands have been wonderful, especially when we see the race horses training on the sands. I have never ridden on the beach but Marros Riding Stables, about 4 miles from us,  take customers, with riding experience, out for beach rides and some of our guests have been lucky enough to do this.

Amroth beach Pembrokeshire RSAmroth beach Pembrokeshire RS2Amroth beach PembrokeshireRS

News from the Farm

All is well with the animals, although the 2 very old sheep are much happier sitting in the deep straw in their shed this weather and Harry and Sally, the goats, hate the rain.  So we don’t see them out very much either!! The ducks however love dabbling in the mud, probably the only ones of our animals who don’t mind the rain.

Amroth Cottages Furzewood farm PembrokeshireRS

Asti is still enjoying her walks with me and looking forward to meeting returning and new guests again this year, especially the children, who she loves.  Boots, Hannah and Hermon, the cats, are all well and the hens are laying well

Asti in Colby Woods PembrokeshireRS

The badger who visits us regularly, obviously had a great night last night but to our horror, this morning, we discovered the damage to our lawn, under the washing line, where we hang the bird feeders.  Not too sure if he was after the peanuts and seed that had fallen out of the containers or whether it was worms he was after.  Still I am sure it will all grow back again and we do love all the wildlife that comes to our garden.

Amroth Cottages lawnRS

I am now in the middle of all the spring cleaning and Mike is painting in the cottages, so I must away

Regards to all my readers

Ann (Amroth Cottages)