Hello Everyone,

Well firstly I must say a big thank you to all who post comments regarding my blogs.  I don’t have time to reply to them all but I appreciate them enormously and it is great to know how many people enjoy reading them.

I was lucky enough to go on a Trade Day in Pembrokeshire last week and we started at the Dragon Reptile Centre in Pembroke.  I must confess I wasn’t too sure about this as I’ve had no experience with snakes and reptiles and don’t really know why people want to own them.  However I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  The guided tour and talk which costs £5 for adults and £3 for children was extremely interesting and informative and John, who is in charge, obviously has a great passion and love for these creatures.  The highlight at the end was when an Argentinian Tegu was bought out for us to stroke.  He was a lovely creature with a really nice face and he seemed to love the attention he was getting from us.  There was also the chance to stroke an enormous python or hold a big spider.  Children would love this experience, I am sure, and it is a great place to go if the weather is wet or if your children are fascinated by lizards and reptiles.

Next we went onto Folly Farm and saw all the new attractions and improvements.  The investment that is put back into Folly Farm by the family that own it, is truly amazing and they well deserve all the awards they receive. The new eyecatching 25metre Pembrokeshire Big Wheel, costing £500,000, stands at 130 metres above sea level,  has 18 individual carriages like the London Eye, so families can travel together even with a pushchair and there is a special carriage for wheelchairs, which means everyone can enjoy the spectacular views over the Pembrokeshire countryside and coastal landmarks.  This wheel is twice the size of the old one.  The new Folly Interactive centre will be ready for Easter and this is an educational animal-based sensory experience area, with various animals and birds.  The Golden Gallopers in the fairground area are being refurbished ready for their 90th birthday in 2012 and I think they will be ready for Easter.  This place is a must for visitors, as there are new things every year and you can easily spend a whole day here. www.folly-farm.co.uk

Blue Lagoon Water Park was our last visit of the day.  This is a wonderful indoor pool with a wave machine and various flumes, a lazy river, outdoor bubble pool and a rapids river ride.  There is a cafe in the complex and it is all heated by Biomass, the warmth being fuelled by woodchip and Miscanthus grass grown by local farmers. After having a swim and spending time in this area you can for an extra £5, go into the Adventure Centre which has some wonderful activites and doesn’t charge for under 2’s or over 14’s . The more adventurous children can for an extra charge go on the Wall, Sky Trail and High Ropes Course.  Their web address is www.bluelagoonwales.com

News from the Farm

Our visitors at Amroth Cottages have enjoyed really good weather for the whole of March.  Last week our guests were sunning themselves on the patios outside their self catering cottages overlooking the sea in Amroth. It was wonderful still warm weather and the sea looked magnificent.  Amroth Cottages is now fully booked this year from the 9th April until mid September so lets hope we get some more lovely weather.

Spring has really arrived, the snowdrops and crocus have given way to the daffodils, grape hyacinths and primroses in the garden and they have looked superb, as there has been no wind to bash them all down.  The lanes are full of primroses and violets and there are abundant wood anemones in Colby Woodlands, the National Trust property in the valley next to Amroth Cottages..  There is a fabulous Pussy Willow tree just as you enter the woods behind Rose Cottage with a pale Cherry Tree in full bloom next to it. It looked fantastic as I walked past it this morning with our 2 dogs Danny and Sam.  In fact Colby Woodland Gardens is looking wonderful with a lot of work having been done this winter. The camelias are beginning to come into flower and there are lots of rhodedendrons blooming and the huge magnolia is about to burst into flower.

Our rescue dogs are very happy.  Sam loves everyone and rolls over for you to stroke him.  Danny his brother is a bit more of a challenge but hopefully he will get more chilled when he settles down.  It has been a hard 12 months for them, but I adore them and hopefully they will enjoy the rest of their lives here.

Jim, our old pony, has got used to losing his companion, Annie, and now spends his time with the sheep or being annoyed by the goats, Dick and Harry, who continue to amuse people with their antics.  The sheep, cats and solitary hen are all well.

Mike has been resealing all the decking outside the cottages and in the Hot-Tub area and I have been trying to get the garden into shape and trimming the hedges.  I must attack the veg patch next!!!

Must away.  Until next time enjoy the spring

Ann Green (Amroth Cootages)