Hello Everyone,

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Sorry it has been so long since my last blog but life as usual has been hectic!!  Well today has been glorious, icy cold and a very sharp frost last night with a fantastic clear sky and it’s then that you really appreciate how small a part we are in the universe when you see all the stars in the sky. Anyway today the viewing from our self-catering cottages here in Amroth, Pembrokeshire has been amazing.  We could see the snow on the Gower and hope it doesn’t get to us!!  I expect those of you in the Eastern counties are finding life more difficult, and although snow looks wonderful when it falls it makes caring for outside animals so hard.

Well today I have been beach cleaning at Wiseman’s Bridge with the local environment group and it was cold but beautiful in the sun and not a breath of wind.  We collected more than a dozen sacks of rubbish, which had mainly come in on the tide, but there was a lot of fishing line which is so dangerous for the wildlife. Birds can get either their  feet entangled (as can be seen on Grassholm Island) or it gets caught around seals and digs into their skin, also it gets caught in seaweed, which can then be ingested by fish and turtles etc.  The small pieces of plastic are also a nightmare for the birds, as they see it bobbing on the sea and think it is food, sometimes swallowing it before it is too late.  Thankfully we have been seeing less and less plastic bags, which is good news, as it means people are not using as many and trying to be more environmentally conscious.

All the guests we have had at our cottages this year have tried really hard with the Recycling sacks I provide, so thank you. I think the more we do the easier it gets.

It is Saundersfoot Christmas Market on the Harbour next Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It is usually really good, so if you are in the area, I recommend that you go and enjoy yourselves.  Also Aberglassney Gardens have a Craft and Christmas Fair on the 4th and 5th Dec and the National Botanic Gardens have their Craft and Food Fair the week-end of the 11th and 12th.  So many things to enjoy!!

News from the Farm

The berries on the hawthorn have been plentiful this Autumn and the Holly trees around our fields have been loaded with wonderful bright red berries.  When I first saw them I thought of the old saying ‘Sign of a hard winter’ and then I thought I bet there won’t be any left for Christmas decorations, as the birds usually strip the trees before I get there!!!  But being as it is so cold now and likely to get colder this week, I won’t mind them eating them all up.

All the leaves eventually are off the trees and I have had barrow load, after barrow load, clearing them all up.  I have managed to squeeze all the plants, that I can,  into the greenhouse and hope they will survive and we still have carrots and parsnips in the veg. patch.  As usual time runs out and several jobs I intended doing will now have to wait until the weather improves.

Those of you who knew Annie, my beautiful one-eyed pony that I had, will be sorry to hear that I had to have her put to sleep at the beginning of November. Very sad, but the narrowing of her spinal column, thus trapping her spinal cord was making life and walking too difficult for her, so it was kinder, the vet. and I felt to let her go.  Jim, the other pony, was so sad to begin with and quite depressed but he now seems to have settled down and spends his time close to the goats and sheep.  I have also lost one of my old hens, so that leaves one, but I will definitely have more in the spring and hopefully get some wonderful fresh eggs again.  No, not a good year on the animal front.

Well I must away, don’t forget you can now follow Amroth Cottages on  Facebook and AmrothCottages (no space) on Twitter, where I will try to give updates more frequently!!


Ann (Amroth Cottages)