Good Morning Everyone,

What a simply glorious morning it is here in Amroth. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the sea is twinkling in the light and the crisp viewing means I can see as far as the North Devon Coast and Lundy Island, which is not always possible. We have had a wonderful September weatherwise here and something that we all so appreciate, after the unsettled summer. Such a shame it wasn’t like this when the children were on holiday from school, but at least all our visitors, who have booked September holidays, have been able to enjoy the lovely September mornings, the sun and the lovely calm windfree days that we have had.

As I was talking to one of our guests a fortnight ago, the sky was alive with the House Martins that come every year to make their nests in our eaves and I remarked to her that they were getting together for their long migration. They sounded like they were almost geeing each other up for the journey. Sure enough the sky was quiet the next day and I knew they had left. The same thing happened last Friday night when I was moving the ponies from one field to another, the sky was so noisy with the twittering of Swallows and there were so many of them, again getting ready for their migration to South Africa. Since then I haven’t seen any but I do hope they have a safe journey, such a long way, and look forward to their return next spring.

Meanwhile the garden is full of Blue-Tits, Great Tits, Chaffinches, Greenfinches and the occassional Bullfinch. I have seen the Robins in abundance again and also the Nuthatch, Woodpecker, Jays and we have also had a Lapwing on the lawn. The Buzzards that nest in Colby Woods, we see almost daily as they soar high above the valley and our fields. You can hear their famous call as you are in the garden and sometimes they perch in the big tree near the vegetable patch. I used to see them a lot when we lived in Somerset and was delighted when we came here to have them on our patch again. Of course we get the usual Magpies, Crows, Jackdaws and Seagulls, on the big lawn all the year round but I have a lot of trees and shrubs that bear berries and rosehips at this time of year, teasels and of course the late flowers, which I hope bring more wildlife to our garden and fields.

Yesterday I took an hour off, much to Mike’s (my husband) surprise and went on a Seal Safari boat trip from Tenby Harbour. I have been to Skomer Island a couple of times to see the seals and also Marloes Sands but I haven’t done this trip before and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone , tourists or locals, who are in the area. It lasted an hour and we sailed over to Caldey Island where we saw lots of seals, but also a lone Gannet, who we assumed was a long way from his home on Grassholom Island. There were also so many Shags, sitting on the rocks and diving into the sea on the far side of the Island and the rock formation and cliffs are amazing and make you feel very insignificant when you are at the base of them and they tower above you. We also saw a big flock of Curlews, who were over there and a Peregrine Falcon high on the cliffs and of course several Gulls including the big Black backed Gulls. It was a great trip and a super hour well spent.

News from the Farm.

Jim and Annie, the ponies are fine and beginning to get their winter coats. Annie is all fluffy, as she has a very fine coat, but Jim has a thicker growth and has been sweating in the sunshine over the last few days.  The 2 old hens have decided to start laying again and I have had a few eggs lately.  The goats, sheep and cats are all fit and Wilson (our beautiful old Retriever) plods on very slowly.

I have made some lovely Green Tomato Chutney, Cucumber Pickle (excellent) and picked lots of Blackberries from our fields. I am still digging carrots and beetroot from the veg. patch and still picking runner beans, but I have also been trying to tidy the garden in readiness for the winter but there are still a lot of plants in flower and several butterflies are still visiting them, so I won’t cut them back yet.

Tonight it is the Local History Group meeting and tomorrow the Film club are showing ‘Australia’. On Sunday a film ‘The End of the Line’ is being shown in Narberth, about over fishing our seas and I have meetings on Thursday and Friday, plus my Computer course starts again on Wednesday. So a busy week ahead and I must away

Regards to you all

Ann(Amroth Cottages)