Hello again Everyone,

I am so sorry it has been so long since my last update but life is so busy here at this time of year. I was so pleased to hear from a guest, who arrived this week, that they knew all our news as they had been reading my blogs. So the effort is worth it and I hope others of you enjoy the updates.

 We have remained fully booked in our self-catering cottages overlooking the sea in Amroth and what a varied sea it has been over the last few weeks!!. June was a wonderful month weatherwise, beautiful blue skies, calm seas and the plants in the garden, tubs and hanging baskets were doing so well. But since the beginning of July the weather has been mixed. Yesterday was wonderful, with lovely sun and everyone was on the beach and then a barbecue in the evening. Today we awoke to windy conditions, choppy seas and rain!! I feel so sorry for the holiday makers, Pembrokeshire is so lovely at any time of year but I appreciate everyone likes to see the sun especially on holiday. So much for the barbecue summer we were promised!!!

Today I was supposed to be helping cook and sell Welsh Cakes on the harbour in Saundersfoot to raise money for the Macmillan Nurses but it had to be cancelled due to the stormy conditions. So the 300 prepared cakes I made are now in the freezer.

On a bright note 2 of our guest’s children went on a 2 hour hack from Marros Riding Stables this morning and had a brilliant time, and another little boy is out on our lawn flying a kite, so I guess children don’t notice the weather as much as adults. Folly Farm also has a lot to offer for the younger child in all weather and of course there is now a wonderful pool (Blue Lagoon) on the Bluestone developement, which is open to anyone in the area.

Since my last update, I have managed to go to the Hampton Court Flower Show, which was fabulous. All the various plants and planting really inspires you to come back and try again with your own garden. I also managed a quick 48 hours in the Midlands to see 2 of our grandchildren, which was lovely. It is such a shame we live so far from them all, as the other 3 live in Newcastle on Tyne, but they love coming to visit us at the seaside.

News from the Farm 

Well we didn’t manage to get our grass in the fields cut, as I had hoped in June and since then we haven’t had a settled period to do it. Hopefully August may see an improvement, otherwise I can see myself buying in hay again for the winter.

Annie and Jim, the ponies, are fine, Dick and Harry, the goats, are hiding in their house today away from the wind and rain, which they hate, mind you they also hate the flies when it is muggy, so they seem to spend a lot of time in their house which they obviously love!! The hens are O.K., the sheep are well despite one of them losing a horn, how I don’t know, as I just found it lying in the field and the cats are all lolling around in the house. Wilson is asleep by the front door so he can keep an ear open for the guests, who he loves greeting.

The saddest news I have is that I had to have Smudge, our lovely black and white cat put down at the end of June, as the tumour in his jaw was making eating too difficult for him and I didn’t want to see him suffer any longer and go down hill, as there was no chance of him getting better. But he had had a wonderful life here and was 13 years old.

We had swallows nest in the garage again this year and despite one of our cats recking the nest the mother managed to raise 1 chick and it safely flew away with her. We watched it practising its exit several times and eventually it made it, so we shall look forward to them returning next year, hopefully.

Well I must away to complete next year’s tariff, which I will then put on line but bookings are already coming in for next year at quite a rate.

One more thing my veg. plot is doing O.K. not as well as I planned but the snails and slugs are a real pest here, and the squirrel has had my runner bean seeds once and the rabbit seemed to find the carrot tops. Frustrating I know but I keep plodding on!!!

Regards to you all

Ann (Amroth Cottages)