Hi Everyone,

Well all our guests at our self catering cottages here in Amroth woke up to another wonderful morning with a blue, cloudless sky.  As I write this I am looking out over our fields to the beach, the tide is out and it all looks so inviting. The same view greeted the guests when they arrived on Saturday.There are a few sailing dinghies in the bay and the view of Caldey Island is very clear this morning. You can get a boat from Tenby over to the island and it is a must for many of our guests. It is so pretty over there and a step back in time as it is so peaceful. If you look back at the mainland from there, you can see Amroth Cottages quite clearly.

All our guests have gone out this morning to make the most of this wonderful day. Last week was also pretty good weatherwise and some of our guests did a lovely walk around Stackpole Quay and Bosherton Lily Ponds with there dogs, which they all thoroughly enjoyed. It was a first time visit to this part of Pembrokeshire for them and they loved it here. The other families in the cottages had a great time at Heatherton Adventure Park and Folly Farm with their children, as well as enjoying the beach and rock pooling.

Yesterday I put up all my hanging baskets outside the self catering cottages and with the tubs it all looks lovely. The sun will bring them on well, as it is doing with all the plants and my seeds in the veg. plot.

News of the animals

Well Dick and Harry, the goats are sunbathing this morning. They love a day like this with the sun and no wind. The sheep are lying in the shade of the hedge and the hens are pecking away happily. I trimmed Jim’s(one of the ponies) mane at the weekend, as it grows so long in the winter to protect him but he just overheats in the summer. He is a Welsh Mountain pony so grows an enormously thick coat in the winter.

Wilson, our old retriever, finds this weather a bit too hot but he insists on sitting outside watching Mike work. He thinks he is the foreman!!!

All the cats are idling the day away in the sun somewhere and I am now off to do some jobs in the garden. I am constantly trying to keep up with everything!!

Enjoy the sun


Ann (Amroth Cottages)