Hi Everyone,

Well despite the dullish weather we are having, our self-catering guests at Amroth Cottages are making the most of their holidays.  The children in one of the cottages have been down on Amroth beach, enjoying body boarding in the sea and then coming back to enjoy the Hot-Tub.  Quite a contrast in water temperature !!!! but all good fun. Another family have been enjoying long walks with their dog and then having lots of games of Table tennis in our shed.

There are numerous organised events close to Amroth this half-term holiday with activities at Pembroke Castle and a ghost tour on Thursday evening to celebrate the Welsh Year of the Legends theme.  For details go to www.pembroke-castle.co.uk/events .  Nearby Carew Castle also has many events and details can be found at www.carewcastle.com.

Carew Castle and Tidal Mill Pond, Pembrokeshire

Carew Castle and Tidal Mill Pond, Pembrokeshire

There is a beach clean at Freshwater West on Thursday 23rd between 11-1, if you wish to have a bracing wander on a fantastic beach (one of my very favourite beaches)

Freshwater West pembrokeshire RS(3) or you can go Star gazing at Stackpole on Friday 24th , (for details phone 01646 623110)

Colby Woodland Gardens have  Bushcraft Survival sessions, which include building shelters and campfire cooking on Wednesday 22nd , at 11a.m. and 2p.m.

colby gardens Early morning in Colby Woods Pembrokeshire Jan 2012RS (6) Colby Woodland Gardens pembrokeshire RS (2)

If none of these take your fancy there is lots of fun to be had at Heatherton, Folly Farm, Manor Park Welsh Zoo or go swimming at the Blue Lagoon or trampolining at Hangar 5.

News from the Farm

Sad news for all who have stayed with us in one of our self-catering cottages (Amroth Cottages), Harry, our lovely friendly goat died yesterday.  He had been here since 2003 and hopefully had enjoyed his life and meeting everyone. He loved having his neck scratched and eating banana skins when he was given them.

Harry at Amroth Cottages Furzewood Farm Pembrokeshire RS

Sally, our other goat, is missing him greatly so I might have to get her another friend.  Asti, our dog, is progressing well after her operation and the cats are fine.  The ducks and hens are still locked in the stable because of the avian flu scare and are very bored.  Hopefully not for too much longer!!

Enjoy half-term if you are on holiday and I will be back with updates in March but you can follow almost daily updates on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/AmrothCottagesPembrokeshire

Regards to all


Ann (Amroth Cottages)