Happy Easter Everyone,

I hope you have all had a good weekend and that the children have enjoyed their chocolate eggs.  The weather here at our self catering cottages, over looking the seaside at Amroth was fabulous on Saturday and Sunday, really warm and sunny.  We had a very windy but dry day on Monday but  an afternoon of rain on Tuesday.  Today the sun is out again so our guests in the cottages will be able to enjoy the wonderful beaches in Pembrokeshire or explore all we have to offer in the area.

The National Trust had several events over the weekend, both at Colby Woodland Gardens, just down the valley next to Amroth Cottages and the Tudor Merchants House in Tenby. All the attractions are now fully open and some of our guests have been to Folly Farm, Manor House Wildlife Park and Heatherton and had a great time. Battlefield Live ( a Laser Combat Adventure) is at Llanteg about 2 miles from us and is great for families to compete with each other in the open air without getting hurt, as can happen with paint-balling. 

 On Thursday evening, there is a Bat and Moth exploring evening at Castell Henllys, the Iron Age Fort about 45 minutes from here.  What a fascinating place this is to visit. The day I went it was freezing cold and as we stood in all our waterproofs and wind protection gear at the top of the hill, it made me think how tough our ancestors were, to be able to live in such harsh conditions.  The houses that have been constructed there on the original bases that have been discovered are wonderful and I recommend all visitors to the area to go and see them.

About 3 weeks ago, March 12th, the BBC weather man announced that between 7.25 and 7.30p.m. the International Space Station would be passing over Pembrokeshire, passing from west to east, with 5 astronauts on board.  He said it looked like a very bright star moving quite fast.  As it was a really clear night, Mike and I were out on the decking looking up at the sky and wow, there it was clearly making its way around our planet.  It was quite spectacular and once again makes you marvel at the technology we have developed since the Iron Age Fort days.

News from the Farm

Life does seem different without Wilson, our beautiful retriever, with us but the cats probably feel more relaxed as he is no longer there to ward them off his food dish and they can safely come through the cat-flap!!  Not that he ever did anything other than curl up his lip, but it was just a warning I suppose for them not to overstep the mark!!!

Annie and Jim, the ponies are fine.  They managed to have their coats off for a few days at the beginning of March but they are wearing them again due to the rain but I will probably take them off again today.  Dick and Harry, the goats are O.K. apart from a cut heal, which I am treating.  The sheep are great, as are the 2 hens.

The snowdrops in the garden and down the lane that leads to our self-catering cottages here in Amroth, have given way to the beautiful primroses and a few violets and the garden is a blaze of colour with the daffodils.  I have been doing a bit of tidying in the garden and listening to  the birds singing has been wonderful.  It is a real joy to be able to work in the garden again after such a cold winter and it is wonderful to see all the new life appearing in the plants and hedges. 

Well, I must away and do some work

Until the next post, enjoy the spring

Ann (Amroth Cottages)