Hello again Everyone,

What a glorious morning we awoke to here at our self-catering cottages in Amroth, Pembrokeshire  and how pleased I am that we are seeing the sun again for our guests. Yesterday was dismal with a sea fret that turned to light misty rain all afternoon, while I know most of you in England had a glorious day! However it was warm and I managed to do some gardening.

Well, the school holidays are over and I really miss hearing the children playing in the garden or asking if they can help feed the animals. We are still fully booked, so hopefully it will be a good month weatherwise for our guests.

Bank Holiday Monday was very windy and we were down on Amroth Beach with our 2 granddaughters watching some people Kite Surfing. It was really exciting to watch them and must be so exhilarating to actually be doing it. Not for the faint hearted I assure you, as one chap was going at a terrific speed and appeared to be so far out to sea I was quite worried in case he got into trouble!!! To see them jump and turn in the air was great but I can’t imagine how tired their arms and shoulders must have been. We then walked along to Colby Gardens where the National Trust had a ‘Hands On’ Craft day for children. It was really fascinating and our grandchildren wanted to try their hands at everything on offer. We came home 3 hours later with 2 hand thrown clay pots, some felt balls to make a necklace, 2 corn dollies, a card and some wools for Japanese braiding and lots of ideas. It really was a wonderful day.

Last Sunday saw me down at Saundersfoot beach for a Rocky Shore Exploration looking at the marine life in the sand and on the rocks, with some marine biologists. It was so informative and interesting to hear their knowledge and learn more about what is around us.

I also attended a Taster Course on Nordic Walking which they do in Saundersfoot and really enjoyed it. It is quite different from pole walking, when the poles are in front of you to steady you. You have the poles behind you in Nordic walking to basically push you along and you get a much better work out. So perhaps I may go on a days course and try to put it into practice. There are so many things on my calendar this month but I just love finding out about everything that goes on in the area and learning more about the glorious place we live in.

News from the Farm

Well this morning was one of those perfect moments that we all so rarely experience, perfect silence in the still morning air. As I was out at the stables, I looked out over the beautiful sea that was twinkling in the early morning sun and there was complete silence. No sound at all, it was fantastic. I remember having that feeling once when I was in Mauritus many years ago and this morning took me back to that time and you somehow feel privileged to experience it. We all live such busy lives and rarely have the time to stop and listen or to hear complete silence.

Anyway enough of reminising, the animals are all fine. The hens are taking themselves to bed before 8p.m. now that the evenings are drawing in, Dick and Harry, the goats, are enjoying the sunshine today and Jim and Annie the ponies are pleased not to be wearing their raincoats (rugs). Wilson, our retriever, has met and approved of the  dogs that are staying in our cottages this week and is gently watching the world go by.

The damsons have been great this year and I have made Damson Jam and Jelly and Damson Chutney and put a load in the freezer. I have also made Beetroot and Ginger Chutney, Beetroot and Orange Jam (delicious with strong cheese) and must now make some bean chutney and tomato chutney. The carrots have been fabulous this year from the veg. patch as has the beetroot, french beans and peas and the tomatoes in the greenhouse have done well.

Now I must away and I am torn between finishing the ironing of the sheets from changeover at the week-end or going in the garden. Anyone who knows me will guess my choice!!! Tonight I am off to the Film night in the village hall ‘The Last King of Scotland’ which I am looking forward to, Saturday sees a Curry night at the local pub for Macmillan, Monday a harvest supper, Thursday an Environment meeting and then a visit to a new Wind farm. So much to do and not enough time, as most of us say I am sure.

Enjoy your day. From a glorious view of the bay on a sunny day in Amroth

Regards to you all

Ann (Amroth Cottages)