Good Morning everyone and what a glorious morning it is!! 

We have had a lot of sea mist the last couple of days but this morning our guests at Amroth Cottages have woken up to clear skies and a beautiful view of the sea. 

As I sit here with a coffee, I can see a couple of dinghies on the sea, probably having sailed out of Tenby or Saundersfoot.  I can only imagine the exhilaration the yachtsmen feel as they sail across the sea on a morning like this when the forecast is for a wonderful day.  My nephew is a brilliant sailor, having won numerous trophies and competed in World Class events here and in Australia, so I understand a little of the thrill but I have never had the opportunity to sail myself  despite having a great love and respect for the sea.

I love the spring with its fresh cool air and all the wonderful colours in the hedgerows.  The lane that leads down to our self- catering holiday cottages overlooking the seaside in Amroth, is lined with bluebells, pink campions, cow’s parsley and another tiny white flower and with the fresh green young ferns and overhanging trees, it is a joy every time I go up or down it.  As I walked down for my paper this morning,  the village shop and the Pirate Cafe (which is so well liked by our guests for its excellent food and drinks) were opening up  and the calm sea lapping on the shore always reminds me how lucky I am to live so close to the sea.

Last night, I had a very interesting and informative trip with the Environmental Group to see the work that had gone into protecting the wildlife where the new road near Canaston Bridge/Roberston Wathen is being put in by Costain.  Their utmost concern about avoiding pollution to the streams and the Cleddau river is exemplary and it was wonderful to see how large ducts and cleaning pools have been put in to prevent any run off from the new road contaminating the fields and streams. Underpasses have been established for the Otters to cross the road and large ducts for the Greater Horseshoe Bat to follow the stream and their flight path without crashing into the traffic. The land here has been compulsary purchased and will be managed by the South Wales Wildlife Trust to ensure the animals survive.  10,000  trees are being planted, some hedges have been uprooted and replanted and they are doing well and new banks have been constructed. It is rewarding to think how far we have all come to protect our environment, as years ago I’m sure much of this was not considered so important. We were also told of the Archaeological finds, one being a Bronze Age Burning Mound and in another spot close to the river several Neolithic spear heads, which suggested a camp had been here.  It was all so fascinating and a great evening.

I was out with our Beach cleaning group last Sunday and it was rewarding to find so little litter, so hopefully again people are getting the message to take home their bottles etc. and save pollutting the seas.  Certainly we have noticed the decline in plastic bags, which is great as more and more people use cloth ones.

News from the Farm

Pleased to report all is well with the animals.  I have at last healed Harry’s (the goat)  foot, with the help of Sudocrem! and the sheep are happy now their fleeces are off. 

Annie and Jim, the ponies, will have a new Farrier next week as the previous one who I have had for years has sadly given up.

  The grass in the fields is beginning to grow, so the ponies are now restricted to small paddocks, while we hope to save the fields for hay but Mike cuts a path around them for our guests to enjoy the views and see all the wild flowers and butterflies that we have.

The Swallows and House Martins are busy flying around and establishing whether to nest with us again, I do hope so as I love to wake and see them all in the early morning sky.

The Currant bushes in the veg. patch have got a lot of fruit forming, let’s hope it all ripens.  I have started planting carrots, beetroot and peas and hope to do more today.   I have planted up the tubs in our area around the Hot-Tub and the other tubs are coming on well in the greenhouse but hopefully will come out next week and I will put them outside each cottage.

Must away and do some jobs.  Have a good day

Regards to you all

Ann (Amroth Cottages)