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Well I know it has been ages since my last blog, so Happy New Year to you all.  Amazingly I have managed to upload a few pictures this time, so you can see them below and thanks to the comment I had from someone requesting them.

What a winter!!!  We had so much snow here, which for the coast was amazing but everywhere looked so beautiful, especially Colby Woodlands and Gardens, the National Trust property next to our self catering cottages here in Amroth, Pembrokeshire.  Walking with our 2 new dogs was fabulous with the ground being crisp or covered in snow and the sky being blue and clear overhead.  I know it made travelling hard for everyone and spoilt a lot of people’s plans for Christmas but the children had a great time sledging and it reminded me of the winters we used to have when I grew up in the Midlands.  It always seemed to be cold and snowy and we loved sledging in the fields and Sutton Park!!

Well after such severe weather I wondered if any plants would survive but I was delighted to see the snowdrops appear in our garden and now we have crocus out and one or two primroses. Catkins have been glorious in our hedge, with their yellow tails shedding their pollen in the breeze. Colby Woodland Garden is bursting into life again and it was great to see a beautiful red rhodedendron  and a white azalea out last weekend, so I guess it won’t be long before more colour appears as the daffodils are also through the soil.

They have done so much work in Colby Gardens this winter and created some great things for the children.  New paths have been made, the stream coming down from Cwmwrath has been developed, a collection of tree stumps has been made for climbing in the woods above Beech Walk and a fabulous willow house has been made in the woods near the shop.  They have got some great Wake Up to Wildlife events arranged for the half term week, so I must try and go down there.

The National Botanic Garden of Wales has got masses of snowdrops out and has also got several events for half term.  They are very good at organising events and are doing something special for St. Davids Day on March 1st.  It was wonderful in January as it was free to get into the gardens and it is such a lovely place to wander around and there is always something different that catchs your eye in the GlassHouse.

The sea has been quite rough this week but has looked magnificent with the huge rolling waves.  The guests in Granary Cottage, one of our self catering cottages, have done some wonderful walks this week with their beautiful retriever dog, who has been in every rock pool on Amroth beach and walked along the beach all the way to Saundersfoot.  They have also been over to Bosherston Lily Ponds and  up to BroadHaven.  The weather was superb yesterday with glorious sun but today is overcast and quite windy.

News from the Farm

Having spent nearly 12 months since we lost our beautiful retriever Wilson , I really wanted to have another dog.  Mike couldn’t bring himself to look for another one but I eventually persuaded him to agree to me adopting a dog from an animal sanctuary.  I saw these 2 dogs, Danny and Sam, 12 yr. old brothers, never been separated, and had been in the sanctuary for 6 months as no-one was prepared to give them a home.  Anyone who knows me will realise I couldn’t not offer them a home to live out their lives.  I thought they would be happy to lie about and watch the world go by at their age!!!!!  Silly me!!  They are loving their hour long walks each morning in Colby Woodlands and after a short nap are ready to go again. Sam is delightful, so quiet and gentle while Danny is not keen on the goats and squirrels drive him mad but I am sure he will relax more when he gets used to his new life.  They are a delight to have and I hope they like living with us.

Jim, our old Welsh Mountain Pony, is coping well since he lost Annie last November.   He was very depressed to begin with but now spends his time grazing with the sheep and one of them seems to have adopted him, standing very close to him which really annoys him at times, as you can see when he tosses his head and attempts to kick her.

Dick and Harry, the goats are fine, our last hen is still around but I will get more now when the weather is better.  Sadly we lost dear old Bodmin, our oldest cat, in early January from a stroke.  He must have been at least 18 but not sure how old he really was.  We miss his demanding ways and stubborn streak but he had a great life lazing around and ruling us!

Well half term next week and lots going on in the area.  You can follow Amroth Cottages on Facebook now with regular updates and also on Twitter.

View over the sea from Amroth Cottages

View over the sea from Amroth Cottages

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Ann Green (Amroth Cottages)Danny-and-Sam

Our sheep in the snow

Our sheep in the snow

Colby Woodlands

Colby Woodlands