Hi Everyone,

Well I think we all agree what a wet and stormy winter we have had.  Hopefully now we are through the worst and spring isn’t far away.  Today is wonderful in Amroth and the sun is shining on the sea and our guests, who are staying in Furzewood Cottage at Amroth Cottages have headed off with their dog for a lovely walk.

The year began with a good day and the local swimmers braved the cold waters to do the New Year’s Day swim outside the Amroth Arms to raise money for charity. Some ofAmroth New Year Day Swim 2014 RS(10) our guests celebrating the New Year at our cottages  had planned to do it but given the chilly weather and wind decided on using our Hot-Tub instead!!! The storms began here on January 3rd and Amroth was really battered.  The waves were enormous and the coast road from Amroth Castle to the New Inn was destroyed and then with the following storms completely disappeared.  In the third photo it looks like the breakers have moved down the beach but the steps that are at the side of them used to be attached to the seawall, which was attached to the road, now completely gone.  However  the workmen have been putting in long hours and hope to have the road open by the end of the month.

Amroth Pembrokeshire after the storm (10)RSStormy Amroth Pembrokeshire again (RS9)Amroth Pembrokeshire (10)RS

On the seafront in front of the shops there were stones hurled onto the road and the pathway was completely covered but there was no damage to the shops or houses.  There were lots of casualties amongst all the shell fish but this has given hundreds of seagulls some very good feasts.  We have seen thousands of damaged Horse Mussels but also the shifting sand has exposed a large petrified forest under the sand near the New Inn, which hasn’t been seen, in this area, for many, many, many years.  It is fascinating to see the tree roots and branches that have been there for approx. 7000years! There have been other discoveries of petrified forests along the Pembrokeshire coast.

Horse Mussels on Amroth Beach Pembrokeshire RS(3)Sunken forest Amroth beach near New Inn Pembrokeshire (RS7)Sunken forest Amroth beach near New Inn Pembrokeshire RS(5).

News from the Farm

I was glad to bid farewell to 2013, as not a good year for my animals.  Having lost my lovely old pony, Jim, and a couple of sheep just after Easter,  then my lovely rescue dog Danny in August, I could hardly believe it when Sam, my other rescue dog (Danny’s litter brother) became ill and lost the use of his back legs.  He lived only 8 weeks after losing Danny and truthfully I think he never really got over his death.  They were over 15 and had been together all their lives and experienced hard times before they came to us, but at least I know they were loved by us to the end.

Asti, our new rescue dog is loving her life here and very happy to meet new guests and their dogs and enjoy her walks on the beach and in the woods.  The 3 old sheep are plodding on O.K. and have spent a lot of time this winter sheltering in the shed, as have Harry and Sally, the goats, who HATE wind and rain.  The 4 hens and Cheez and Quackers the ducks are fine and today enjoying the sun on their backs instead of being blown to pieces and paddling in mud.  I have a friends 2 horses grazing here at present and it is lovely to have horses on the farm again.

Horses at Amroth Cottages Pembrokeshire (2)RSAmroth beach Pembrokeshire January morning RSWell, with the spring flowers beginning to show in the garden, catkins in the hedges and the sun shining the weather must improve.  There is lots planned in Pembrokeshire next week for the Welsh half-term and of course St. David’s Day celebrations on March 1st.

My new resolution is to try and post every month!

Regards and hope you enjoyed the photos, you can see daily ones on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/AmrothCottagesPembrokeshire

Ann Green (Amroth Cottages)