Hi Everyone and a very Merry Christmas,

Sorry I haven’t been keeping you up to date for the last month or so, everything has been so hectic , as I am sure it has been for a lot of you. Lately I have been decorating our self catering cottages here in Amroth in readiness for the guests that have now arrived. The homemade wreaths are on the doors, the Christmas trees are up and decorated in the living rooms and the greenery decorations are all in place. Mike has put up the fairy lights along the garage roof and on the Barbeque House, so everything looks very Christmasy and we have even had snow on the ground as if to order!!!  How has everyone managed in the snow. I know it has been very bad in parts, fortunately Amroth doesn’t get a lot of snow generally but we have had some very icy roads, which has made getting up the hill to Summerhill pretty tricky. Actually I am a real baby driving in icy conditions and would rather walk, but having lived in the country for a lot of my life, we always have plenty of stocks in for the animals and humans, so no need to venture out.

The sea views here have been glorious the last few days. The air has been so clear that Lundy Island has looked so close and we have been able to see Exmoor(where we once lived) and the North Devon Coast. The frost on the ground has made everywhere look superb and it has been wonderful weather for walking and thank goodness we are not ploughing through mud all the time in the fields.

Tenby has a big event on Boxing Day which always gathers a huge crowd. Several, NO  hundreds of people dress up in fancy dress and at the sound of a horn all race for the sea and plunge in. Some of them really do swim quite a distance but others get wet all over and then come out. It is all for charity and several thousand pounds is raised each year. It is a great event to watch but I have never been tempted to join in, the sea is FREEZING and if there is a wind!!!!! Gosh it is bad enough watching from the beach but the Mulled wine afterwards in the local cafe or the pub (The Amroth Arms in Amroth’s case) soon warms you up.

Following this event we have the New Years Day Swim in Saundersfoot at 11a.m., followed by a Big Swim in Amroth at 12 noon. Two of the ladies from Summerhill Farm Shop are going to do both swims to raise money for CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) so I have sponsored them and will be there to support them. All these events are real social occasions for the villages and I take my hat off to all those who brave the icy waters. I know that several swims occur around Pembrokeshire but I have only been to the local ones.

News from the Farm

Glad to report all the animals are fine. The ponies are glad of their rugs this weather and of course have the freedom of all the fields at this time of year and are brought in at night for their hay and feeds. Dick and Harry, the goats are tucking into the haylage we made from our fields and they quite enjoy this crisp, cold weather. It is the wind and rain that they hate as they have no lanolin in their coats. The Jacob sheep are fine in the cold as their fleeces are so thick, I never worry about them, but obviously they also eat the haylage when the ground is frozen. The cats are fine and dear old Wilson has had some days lately when he has been acting like a puppy again, bouncing around but then he sleeps for ages!!! I think it is a case if the mind being willing but the body being weak.

Well I must away, our daughter and grandchildren arrived last night for Christmas so it is all excitement in the house. We will be off for a walk on Amroth beach later which they love, as they come from the Midlands.

Hoping you all have a wonderful Christmas and wishing you health and happiness in 2010. I will be back in the New Year with an update


Ann (Amroth Cottages)