Good Morning Everyone,

Well yestersday was the longest day and it was beautiful here in Amroth, Pembrokeshire. I began it with my usual walk/run in Colby Woods and Gardens. It is always so lovely in there early in the morning ,when you have the place to yourself to smell the lovely scents in the morning dew and hear all the bird songs. The guests that arrived at our self-catering cottages this week are in for lovely weather, according to the forecast.

Yesterday was a particularly busy day for me, as I was helping at a fund raising event for the Macmillan Nurses. It was a Midsummer Jazz Evening, held in the walled garden at Colby Gardens, the National Trust property in the valley below us. I had been asked to make some petit fours for the 100 plus guests, and anyone who has done these will appreciate how fiddley they can be!!! Still with my husband Mike’s help, I managed to produce 450 and along with the other wonderful canapes and desserts that some of the other ladies had produced, we had a wonderful spread which was appreciated by everyone. It was a very successful evening in such a lovely setting with great weather.  After all the waitressing and clearing up I got home about 10p.m. and this morning my legs and feet feel more tired than they did after the 1/2 marathon walk I did in May!!!

This evening there is a talk in  Amroth Village Hall entitled ‘The Forgotten Coalfield’  part of the Heritage of the area, so that should be very interesting. Tomorrow sees an open air  performance of  ‘The Tempest’ at Carew Castle, again a wonderful setting  especially if the weather is good and on Wednesday there is a Quiz night at the Village Hall and all guests to the area are invited. This is a new venture by the village and the last one was a great success, I believe so I have been persuaded to go this week. It is just a case of fitting in all the jobs!! and there is so much to do in the area  especially at this time of year.

News of the Animals

Wilson, our retriever, continues to plod along and has his 3 monthly check up at the vet this week. He seems to be doing O.K.  despite the tumour growing on his toe, but it doesn’t seem to worry him and he still follows Mike around as he works. They are trying to mend a hole in the hedge this morning that the road hedge trimmer (or slasher should I say) made on the corner last week. Mike has been pondering how best to fix it  and Wilson is supervising!!

Smudge, our cat, was in the vet again with his sore mouth but I’m glad to report that the other cats, ponies, goats and sheep are all well and happy. I must away now to muck out their sheds. We are hoping to have our fields cut for hay this week as the weather forecast is so good and that should be interesting for the little boy staying in one of the cottages. Our other guests will be off walking with their fabulous young retriever and I guess the keen fisherman staying in the other cottage will be off fishing today, if he wasn’t fishing all last night.

Well the sea looks silver this morning and there are one or two boats out on the bay. When I got home last night our guests in Granary Cottage were still sat on their patio enjoying the lovely evening and the view out to sea and we remarked how lovely it was to be able to sit out on the longest day of the year.

Must away to do some jobs. Enjoy the sun this week


Ann (Amroth Cottages)