Well it is a long time since I last blogged, no excuse really just never enough hours in the day.  It is an absolutely wonderful morning here at our self- catering, Amroth Cottages in Pembrokeshire.  The sun is shining on the sea and earlier I was watching fishing boats coming into the bay from Saundersfoot Harbour.  It is so still and peaceful outside and the guests are so lucky to have such a fabulous morning to enjoy Pembrokeshire.  This last 10 days the weather has been wonderful, really hot just like March last year, and the early flowers are all beginning to open.  The lanes are full of primroses and violets, there are wood anenomies out in Colby Woodlands and the Blackthorn is beginning to flower.

Amroth Cottages Pembrokeshire Spring garden

Amroth Cottages Pembrokeshire Spring garden


Colby Woodland Gardens, the National trust property, just below us in the valley is looking wonderful.  The azaleas, camelias,  rhodedendrons and magnolias are all coming into flower which makes my early morning walks with our 2 dogs, Danny and Sam, even more enjoyable as each day I am seeing another shrub bursting into life.  The daffodils are out and the bluebells are all shooting through the soil. There seem to be far more this year, possibly because of all the clearing in the woods that has gone on recently.

The other morning I was lucky enough to see a Greater Spooted Woodpecker actually drilling a hole in a tree.  I hear them most mornings when I walk but have never actually seen one at work.  I frequently see the Buzzard swooping across the meadow and then perching on a high branch and the Dipper has been flying along the stream catching the insects.  Early morning walks are the best as it is so quiet and I try to get to the top of the woods as the sun rises.

Fox-in-field-seen-from-Granary-Cottage-Amroth-Cottages-PembrokeshireRecently, one of our guests in Granary Cottage (at Amroth Cottages) took this photo from their decking of a fox in our field and the last 2 days we have been priviledged to have a Golden Pheasant in our garden.  They are very rare in this area, so maybe he is just passing through.  We also have a native Pheasant (nicknamed Philip) who regularly comes into the garden with his 3 females and the other morning he was at the kitchen window asking for breakfast!!  Hopefully it won’t be long before the Swallows and House Martins return.  I love it when they are darting about the sky.


Well it is very sad news as we had to have Dick the goat put to sleep in the middle of March.  He had been losing weight since October but was still bright and enjoying life but  he was unable to swallow his food properly and spat a lot out, so he wasn’t getting enough nourishment.  Eventually he became very weak and it was kinder to let him go, as nothing could be done to help him.  Harry, his brother has missed him greatly but seems to be settling O.K. with lots of attention from visitors and me.  He has the sheep and Jim the pony as company, so hopefully he will be O.K.

The 5 sheep are all fine and enjoying the lovely warm sunshine, Jim the pony has had his rug off for a few weeks now and has lost most of his winter coat, which the crows and smaller birds have been collecting to line their nests.  He has not been well this winter but seems fine now after all the care he has received from the Vet and Farrier.  The new fencing is now in place waiting for the arrival of some new hens and hopefully ducks and Mike has put a new gate into the area.  The cats Boots, Hannah and Charlie are all fine and Danny and Sam, my 2 rescue dogs are loving their life here, even if Danny does get stressed at times!!

Well I must away to get on with my jobs,

Regards to you all and enjoy this lovely weather


Ann Green (Amroth Cottages)